Accella TyrFil™ Flatproofing: Making a Difference on the Ground in the Iraqi Military Theater

  • December 19, 2018
150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Accella TyrFil™ polyurethane fill product line for pneumatic tires is well known to make a measurable fiscal and operational impact on Off-the-Road (OTR) heavy equipment productivity and safety in applications including construction, mining and material handling. But it may not be as widely known that our Accella TyrFil™ flatproofing technology has positively supported military endeavors on the other side of the globe for nearly 50 years.

TyrFil™ flatproofing is military-approved and has been battle-tested again and again to ensure that it’s the most reliable flatproofing technology in the industry—offering trusted support for vehicles and their tires in even extreme scenarios such as small arms fire assaults, IED blasts and driving over jagged rocks, glass, debris and rebar.  Because of the durability of tires filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing, they can handle unusual levels of wear and tear that traditional pneumatics cannot, plus they deliver a far smoother, less bumpy ride than solid aperture tires – making them more comfortable and safer for operators.

Accella recently received positive feedback regarding the successful performance of its TyrFil™ RePneuTV-filled 966H Wheel Loader installation in the war theater in Iraq.  Local Iraqi operatives fighting Islamic State terrorist forces frequently use front wheel loaders (aka bulldozers) as substitute makeshift super “tanks”. Unlike other breaching equipment, such as specialized explosives or specifically outfitted tanks, bulldozers can clear obstacles while creating ad hoc defenses.  This type of equipment, which the Iraqi military bolsters with additional armaments, has been used successfully in the battles to secure Ramadi, Fallujah, and eastern Mosul.

Even if the vehicle sustains considerable small arms fire damage, it will be able to continue to carry out its dangerous mission behind enemy lines – in large part because of the tires it is riding on.  Accella’s flatproofing technology help to keep the loader mobile and operational throughout the course of its duty.  Clearly, any traditional or reconfigured military vehicle without an ironclad tire flatproofing solution would be rendered useless and ineffective, leaving offensive troops quickly vulnerable.

This is just one of many examples of unique “in the field” performance where Accella’s TyrFil™ flatproofing technology is front and center stage – playing a pivotal role in ensuring the effectiveness of the tire…and the vehicle.  Because of its ability to safeguard tires from wear/tear and denigration, tires filled with TyrFil™ flatproofing can weather innumerable harsh conditions, making Accella’s flatproofing technology a game-changing solution—whether it’s for commercial, industrial or military applications.

Added Accella Tire Fill Systems Vice President Joe Negrey:  “Our polyurethane tire fill, marketed as TyrFil™, is extremely resilient and can withstand extreme tire damage under myriad dangerous conditions.  This performance translates directly to ensuring better vehicle operator safety.  We hope that our commercial and industrial customers won’t ever need to withstand the same ‘rigors of battle’ on the job that military forces must endure.  But if they do, our customer-operators can rest assured they’re sending out their OTR vehicles equipped with the most reliable tire flatproofing technology on the market.”

Because of the field performance of TyrFil™ in Iraq’s street skirmish warfare – Caterpillar (the supplier of the 996H Wheel Loader) recently placed additional orders for filled assemblies – another example of why Accella Tire Fill Systems and its branded TyrFil™ flatproofing product line have become the definitive “go to” source for the polyurethane tire fill industry worldwide.

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