From Ions to Ideas: Technology for an Evolving World

  • March 1, 2017

From Ions to Ideas: Technology for an Evolving World

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This is the first installment of the Accella Performance Materials Corporate Blog – from the desk of Andy Harris, CEO of the company. 

Welcome friends, customers, suppliers, partners and Accella employees across the U.S. and globally.  I am pleased and excited to launch the inaugural installment of our new Accella Performance Materials Corporate Blog. I personally am a passionate believer in the 360-degree customer relationship and the power of creating lasting, value-based partnerships through open and mutual engagement.  I view this platform as just such a tool and look forward to establishing a robust dialog on issues surrounding our industry and our company’s role in this space.  I also hope to generate an informative discussion about the relevant trends and conversations that are shaping what it means to be a “21st century polyurethane systems company.”

Throughout my 30 plus years in this industry—currently serving as the President and CEO of Accella and as a former Member of the Board of Directors for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA), as well as in past senior executive capacities with some of the most respected brands in our space—I have taken a dedicated interest in working through the decades as a business leader wholly committed to the advancement of new chemical-based technologies.  I believe that these developments can directly improve business efficiencies for customers, and in turn for the markets they serve, as well as impact the many global communities that benefit from the progression of polymer science.

Accella is proud be turning “ions into ideas” through the technological innovation that we believe is truly helping to make our world a better place – through the cultivation of raw materials that serve as the foundation for the products and services our world needs each and every day. Polyurethanes are found virtually ALL around us – in the products that support local and global businesses, help make our economy prosper, and help keep our families safe.  In this sense, Accella is figuratively, and literally, helping progress to “take form.”

We at Accella are thrilled that our company is emerging as a dynamic and preeminent R&D and manufacturing player on the domestic and global polyurethane stage. We may be a new name in the international arena to many observers.  Accella may even be newer to some of our customers, OEMs and dealer partners who are more familiar with our work under the monikers of the more than 10 specialty brands that Accella has acquired over the past four plus years. Through the strategic combination of Dash Multi Corp, MarChem, Arnco, Pathway Polymers, RTH/Ultimate Systems, RB Rubber, IPS Polymer Systems, Zeus Tyre Fill, Premium Spray Products, Burtin Polymer Labs, Quadrant Spray Foam, BaySeal Spray Foam and Convestro’s Spray Foam business, we are now the largest independent polyurethane systems house in the North America marketplace.

Today, Accella is proud to deliver a best-in-class offering, anchored by some of the world’s leading chemists advancing polymer technology science and R&D.  Our organization supports this product advancement through a spectrum of offerings – from spray foam, to elastomers, tire fill, and urethanes – on a massive scale.  We presently manufacture in nine production facilities across the United States, as well as one in Europe and one in China – and employ more than 500 individuals across the globe.

Accella’s dedication to providing polyurethane materials with the highest integrity is something that every member of our global team has a personal commitment to uphold.  We make certain that our dedication to our people and also to sustainability and green solutions (a central value for our brand) is interlaced throughout everything we do, and a guiding principle for all that we create.  We work in tandem with our suppliers in North America and globally to create factory facilities that are in full compliance with the highest environmental protection protocols and standards, and develop and market polyurethane solutions that offer lower emissions to promote carbon footprint reduction.

And as we grow, I look forward to sharing my vision – as well as hearing yours. If you are a customer or business alliance of Accella’s, I hope to discover more about what motivates your organization, your own customers, and your teams. If you are an Accella employee, I thank you for your valued contribution each and every day.  If you are another chemical product developer, I look forward to building new relationships and helping to enhance the ways that our shared collaborations can help move product development and application to the next frontier with greater speed, scale and efficiency.  It is my aim to help further the achievement of these goals for all of those who are served by our industry.

This blog will provide a forum to relay ongoing communication around this mission – a forum that I hope will always be 1) inviting 2) geared toward the reciprocal interests of our many customers, as well as the other pioneering brand leaders within our space, and 3) aspirational at all times.  It is my sincere hope that you will join with me in this endeavor. I also welcome the opportunity to partner together as both corporate, and private, citizens working to enhance and grow the communities we share and the families we care for, in a way that builds a safe and viable future for our Planet.

I believe that a very bright future awaits the polyurethane products space—and I look forward to sharing the journey ahead.

Andy Harris
CEO and President
Accella Performance Materials