Carlisle Helps Innovation Take Form

Discover more about why our company is a truly unique player in the polyurethane systems space.

In 2017, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems became a brand of Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies (NYSE: CSL). CCM is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of premium building products and related technologies for the commercial and residential construction markets. With over 100 years of success, Carlisle Companies is a diversified, global portfolio of niche brands and businesses that provide highly engineered products and solutions.

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All Things Polyurethane

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems brings to the industry a premier-level of product innovation, technology, and above all else, customer service. CPS is driven to answer your unmet needs. Whether delivering project-based solutions or creating economic value through differentiated technology, it is the goal of CPS to deliver a polyurethane solution to help solve your problems, with the speed and scale to meet your most challenging demands.

Discover our unique role in the industry – and why Carlisle is helping to lead the way for polyurethane-based products in the 21st century.

Our History

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom formulated polyurethane system solutions first established through the strategic acquisition and combination of Dash Multi-Corp, MarChem, Arnco, Pathway Polymers, IPS Polymer Systems, and Burtin Polymer Labs. These respective acquisitions laid the groundwork for a best-in-class offering anchored by some of the world’s leading chemists and polymer technology science and R&D capabilities. In 2017, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems became a brand of Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM).

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems now manufactures in three production facilities across the United States, and the company’s world class products are found in virtually every commercial and consumer marketplace.

Today, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is comprised of a collection of chemical and material technology brands that each bring their own legacy, category-leading manufacturing capabilities, products, and people to market to form an independent polyurethane systems house discipline that is second to none in North America.

  • Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is focused on foams, surface and specialty coatings, binders, casting resins, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers.
  • Three manufacturing plants serve North America – coast to coast – in Tennessee, Missouri and California.

We have been a longtime customer and have had great service and products over the years. We are constantly pushing the envelope in technology in pourable and sprayable polyurethanes. We look forward to building this relationship with a team player such as Carlisle Polyurethane Systems.

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Customization and Design

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is poised to drive the industry to the next level through specialized customer offerings.

A unique combination of service, the premium Carlisle Experience customers have come to expect, technical support, and customized solutions differentiates Carlisle Polyurethane Systems. For almost any spray, pour, and cast application customers might require, CPS has advanced problem-solving solutions to ensure that its material will match specific application needs. By partnering with customers, CPS can fully support various polyurethane system needs and provide the right solution at the right time. This degree of tailored customization – and a commitment to not only meet, but exceed, the expectations of a diverse base of customers in multi-disciplinary industries – sets Carlisle Polyurethane Systems apart from nearly every other polyurethane chemistry space player.

Our Chemists and Technical Support Team

At the core of Carlisle Polyurethane Systems’ innovation is a world-class team of more than 15 dedicated high caliber technical chemists and PhDs who lead the industry in the development of custom-designed formulations and quick turnaround. They are central to our brand’s “this can be done” attitude and successful track record. Our Technical Support Team is a key reason why Carlisle Polyurethane System is able to deliver with the Speed and Scale that sets us apart in the polyurethane industry.

The Carlisle Polyurethane Systems Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to enhance the profitability and performance of our customers.

For nearly a century, the chemical industry has continued to expand to meet the demand of its consumers. With this expansion, polyurethane has also risen to the challenge by bringing innovation and advancement in new technology, as well as more exciting uses for this dynamic material. Today, because of polyurethane’s varied benefits, our lives are more safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is proud to be a contributor and manufacturer in the polyurethane industry who makes a positive impact in people’s lives on a daily basis. Carlisle Polyurethane Systems has substantially grown to become one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers with a broad and deep portfolio for a wide range of industries.