Tru-MotionTM products utilize a wide range of experience and technology with polyurethane binder and crumb rubber to create applications exclusively for indoor sports surfaces, outdoor running and athletic tracks, and playground surface installations.

Tru-MotionTM Products

For Indoor Pad & Pour and outdoor running tracks

For outdoor running tracks and poured in-place playground safety surfaces

For running track structural sprays and Indoor Pad & Pour flooring topcoats and line paints

Features of Tru-MotionTM products:

  • Eco-friendly, self-leveling elastomer systems
  • Solvent-free top coats and game line paints
  • Spike-resistant and high durometer systems
  • Custom formulations, design, and coloring
  • One and two-part polyurethane structural sprays
  • Aliphatic binders available for color-fast non-yellowing EPDM surfaces
  • Repair and refinishing systems

ONE-STOP-SHOP for your Athletic Surface Needs:

  • The largest vertically integrated provider of custom polyurethane formulations, recycled rubber, and custom color EPDM granules
  • Multiple manufacturing locations of polyurethane and rubber materials throughout the United States
  • One-Stop locations where contractors and partners can pick up rubber and our entire selection of binders, making service convenient

Why is Tru-MotionTM unique?

  • Tru-MotionTM one- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays provide unparalleled ease of installation and coverage.
  • Provides excellent wear and weather resistance.
  • Aliphatic structural sprays are available where a UV stable surface is required.
  • Tru-MotionTM full pour elastomer systems are available for the full range of solid elastomer applications.
  • Eco-friendly, self-leveling elastomer systems with solvent-free top coats as well as game line paints.
  • Spike resistant and high durometer systems available for special applications such as rollerblading and bleacher support.
  • Flexibility to choose from the largest available variety of custom formulations, design, and coloring.