Tru-Motion is a custom line of Carlisle Polyurethane Systems products for outdoor running tracks and playground safety surfaces. Tru-Motion also provides many applications for commercial and industrial floor coatings. Our products are unparalleled and are recognized as some of the best in the polyurethane industry.

Tru-Motion products include:

  • Single-component, moisture-cured binders for poured-in-place safety surfaces and outdoor running tracks
  • Two-component poured elastomer systems for outdoor running tracks
  • Single-component and two-component coatings for running track structural sprays

As a product member or ASBA (American Sports Builders Association), we are committed to producing superior athletic and recreational surfacing chemistry and the most reliable and installation-friendly product for every customer.

Tru-Motion Play Series

By utilizing our wide range of experience and technology with polyurethane binder rubber applications, Carlisle has formulated an array of products exclusively for playground surface installation. Tru-Motion playground safety surfaces products are mixed and poured on-site, resulting in a highly durable and weather resistant surface. Tru-Motion playground safety surfaces products also enhance color fastness and improve installation characteristics of rubberized playground surfaces

  • Aliphatic binders available for color-fast non-yellowing EPDM surfaces.
  • Custom binder formulations for climatic variations in temperatures and humidity
  • Repair and refinishing systems for reconsolidating existing playground surfaces.

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Playground Safety Surface Brochure

Technical Datasheets

Outdoor Running Track Applications

Our chemists have developed technology that is durable, performance driven, and installer friendly. These binders are available in four distinct chemistries, each designed to meet specific end user requirements and installation parameters. We also offer two IAAF certified track systems.

  • Tru-Motion one-component moisture cured polyurethane binders are ideally suited to provide outstanding adhesion and durability for the crumb rubber base layer.
  • Tru-Motion one-and two-part polyurthane structural sprays provide unparalleled ease of installation and coverage, while providing excellent wear and weather resistance.
  • Aliphatic structural sprays are available where a UV stable surface is required.
  • Tru-Motion full pour elastomer systems are available for the full range of solid elastomer applications

Tru-Motion Track Color Chart

Technical Datasheets

Why is Tru-MotionTM unique?

  • Tru-MotionTM one- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays provide unparalleled ease of installation and coverage.
  • Provides excellent wear and weather resistance.
  • Aliphatic structural sprays are available where a UV stable surface is required.
  • Flexibility to choose from the largest available variety of custom formulations, design, and coloring.

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