Science and R&D

With 15-plus degreed chemists and PhDs on our technology development team, Carlisle leads the industry in custom-designed formulations and quick turnaround.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems Science helps companies to grow and thrive through the magic of polyurethane technology innovation.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems employs some of the best minds in chemistry and chemical engineering. We have well over 250 combined years of experience developing custom chemical compounds and formulations for a diverse group of customers, products, and markets. With state-of-the-art laboratory equipment at all locations, we have the ability to provide rapid on-site customer support and analysis. This technology allows our specialists to evaluate your material requirements and determine how to improve your product. Our products are backed by extensive efforts in research, engineering, technology, and testing to assure high performance.

Carlisle Polyurethane System is customer focused, and we understand the importance of your project and what it means to your business.

Our staff includes:

  • Degreed scientists
  • R&D scientists
  • Quality control scientists and technicians
  • Product development/technical development staff
  • Process engineering staff
  • Expertise in regulatory affairs

We can help you with:

  • Regulatory issues
  • Designing a special formula
  • Mixing your special formula
  • Providing standard, off-the-shelf products
  • Bulk orders

“Carlisle Polyurethane Systems makes high quality products and their lot-to-lot consistency is outstanding. The company is exceedingly professional and shows a genuine concern for the customer. They are always at the top of my list when RAW Material Suppliers customer applications present themselves.”

Steve Levine | RAW Material Suppliers