• March 16, 2021
150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Bullet Liner™ is excited to announce that the brand has been selected by Graco® as a Top 20 Distributor for North America, based on our total equipment purchases during the year 2020.  Graco® manufactures and markets state-of-the-art spray coating applicator machinery that offers Bullet Liner dealers in the U.S. and Canada the superior performance, control, and accuracy our North American member network depends upon, across our hundreds of operator locations throughout the continent.  As an innovator of spray-on protective technology within the sealant delivery space, Graco® plays a vital role in Bullet Liner’s success in providing the highest possible performance in the spray coatings marketplace.  And, in turn, Bullet Liner is pleased to be recognized by Graco® in two key categories—Protective Coatings Equipment (PCE) and Foam & Polyurea Equipment (FPE).

Bullet Liner technology is rooted in more than three decades of technology leadership and chemical innovation.  The brand made its name in the red-hot protective spray coatings marketplace—having pioneered the truck bedliner category as Burtin Polymer Laboratories nearly 30 years ago.  Bullet Liner technology is known for its heavy duty, high-tensile strength elastomer sealant—designed to protect a variety of physical surfaces ranging from car and truck exteriors and interiors, to commercial/utility equipment, industrial storage tanks, roofing, and even a host of personal household items (tools, sporting gear, audio boxes, and more).  Bullet Liner uses state-of-the-art Graco® technology that enables applicators to apply our premier protective coating with ease.  Graco® offers the engineering, technology, warranty, and technical support that enables Bullet Liner to seamlessly coat and protect our customers’ most valuable physical assets.

Graco® offers industry-leading polyurea equipment and the company’s complete line of Reactor spray foam and polyurea machines are ideal for Bullet Liner protective coating application—delivering unmatched spray performance.  Using Graco® technology, Bullet Liner provides scratch-resistance and a layer of industrial grade sealant that ensures valuable surfaces won’t crack, bubble, fade, or peel.  Our sealant is both durable and impervious to weathering extremes.  Bullet Liner coating also mitigates dings, dents, and abrasions delivered through construction vehicle and Off-Road ATV/UTV wear-and-tear on the road, in the hot sun, or on a rigorous job site that can deliver regular damage to equipment surface exteriors.

Our product of choice is the Graco® Reactor E-XP2.  This machine is a workhorse that is integral to any Bullet Liner dealer’s success.  Not only will this technology help operators and spray professionals to more accurately monitor product consumption with a series of unique utility features, but it will also enable dealers to better calculate and take control of product usage to maximize return on costs.

Thank you to Graco® for saluting its partnership with Bullet Liner!  The recognition of our brand as a Top 20 Distributor for North America further underscores our commitment to offering the best quality equipment to our dealers for maximum efficiency and high-performance spray coatings.  Having access to premium application technology is just one more reason to partner with Bullet Liner, the leading protective sealant manufacturer and supplier for the U.S. and Canadian marketplace.

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