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Combining Color Fastness and Durability to Meet Advanced Playground Surface Needs

  • January 15, 2021

Combining Color Fastness and Durability to Meet Advanced Playground Surface Needs

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The Market

Safety & Playground Surfaces

The Challenge

As outdoor safety surfaces and playgrounds continue to evolve in requirements, complexity, and customization, end-user customers need products that can meet both industry standards as well as their unique design specifications. These systems must be consistent upon installment, account accurately for climatic conditions, and be highly durable against damages from both UV exposure and usage. Additionally, while brightly colored EPDM rubber appears colorful and vibrant immediately after installation, it often shows a significant amount of yellowing over a short period of exposure to UV rays. This is caused by yellowing of the polyurethane adhesive used, and ultimately renders the surface aesthetically unappealing.

The Solution

Carlisle’s team of chemists has developed an alternative technology to meet today’s play and safety surface requirements, while also maintaining color fastness. While other color fast binders on the market provide an improvement over standard MDI binder, they generally cause installation crews to have a very difficult time working with the material. In response, Carlisle created an aliphatic isocyanate chemistry with the same installation characteristics as standard MDI binder, which greatly reduced installation time and expense over other color fast binders on the market. Additionally, the color fastness achieved continues to surpass any other product options available today.

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