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December 2020

Making the Case for C.A.S.E.—Carlisle’s Advanced Polyurethane Formulations

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Polyurethane. It’s all around us. In the products we use. In the athletic surfaces we run and play on. It’s in the landscaping features and accouterments that grace our homes, and in the electronic installations that wire—and literally keep the lights on—in these same residential structures. It’s in the filtration systems that keep our air and water purified—and in the sealants, adhesives and sprays that protect and coat the many assets essential to businesses across America.

We need and rely upon polyurethanes to literally give shape to our residential and economic infrastructure—enabling vital physical materials to function properly and maintain their value as intended.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is the gold standard within what’s commonly known in our industry as the C.A.S.E. segment. Our Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers business comprises the foundation of what today makes Carlisle the leading polyurethane systems house in North America. And as a premier resource for the entire North American market, we are continually dedicated to advancing polymer/polyurethane-based technology—through constant product improvement and consultation with our customers—to meet the evolving demands of our marketplace. Carlisle takes pride in delivering the most reliable C.A.S.E. solutions available—designed to meet our constituents’ needs for speed and scale with every product that comes off our factory line.

What comprises our C.A.S.E. offering and how does it fulfill unique polyurethane solution needs across multiple vertical sectors? Here are just a few of the many applications for our coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer technologies. Our core offerings include:

Coatings are an essential, turnkey element of our C.A.S.E. offering. Carlisle manufactures and markets a range of polyurethane coatings, including two-component abrasion and chemical resistant spray coatings, one-component athletic surfacing products, light stable aliphatic polyurethanes, and water-based specialty finishes.

Our moisture-cured urethane binders are heavily utilized for indoor pad and pour applications, as well as in outdoor running tracks and for playground safety surfaces. Carlisle adhesives are specifically engineered to provide a wide range of characteristics, including chemical- resistant types and light stable aliphatic polyurethanes.

Carlisle delivers two-component systems that are engineered to achieve optimal flow in the liquid stage, with maximum adhesion when cured. Our chemists design products with chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, and flame retardant properties for use in a variety of construction, electrical and automotive applications.

Polyurethane elastomers are two-part polyurethanes used to manufacture a variety of products. They are available in a wide range of physical and chemical characteristics, ranging in hardness. Carlisle’s Bullet Liner™ brand specifically markets premium polyurea elastomer technology for the automotive/truck and industrial equipment sectors. Our high-tensile strength spray-on coating provides a protective shield that can be used on everything from automotive exteriors, pick-up truck beds, wheel wells, fenders, bumpers and more to mitigate damage and abrasion from dings, dents, scratches, and sun and extreme weather damage.

Additional related product applications and field uses include:

Filters and Purification
Filters help purify air, water, and other essential materials such as oil and fuel. Carlisle works with the largest filter manufacturers in the world to advance the quality and performance of their filtration products such as air, oil, HEPA, water, pool and automotive filters.

Construction Space
Polyurethanes, in general, are vital to the building and construction category. Typical applications include decorative concrete patios, walkways, and retaining walls that are created with concrete molds made from our polyurethane elastomers.

Polyurethane sealants, elastomers, and potting compounds are often used to support myriad electronic and industrial applications. Carlisle products combine outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance with strong adhesion to many substrates.

Transportation Industry
Polyurethane spray-on coatings create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, corrosion and the effects of rust. Our permanent watertight seal bonds and conforms to every contour of materials essential in the transportation space—and we offer a series of custom formulated solutions to coat and protect a host of automotive related products.

Landscaping Provisions
For residential and commercial landscaping, many outdoor designs rely on polyurethanes extensively to create high-quality faux rocks and other architectural features that offer waterproofed decorative appeal. Carlisle formulations are lightweight for easy installation, but also offer heavy-duty protection against weathering, rainfall and moisture build-up to extend the life and preserve the appearance of outdoor design products.

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The many applications for C.A.S.E. technology in the world around us, and within our lives, are almost unfathomable. These substances are literally interwoven in the many supplies, materials and creature comforts that we enjoy daily—and that enable our businesses to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. The fact that these polyurethanes are ubiquitous, yet often invisible, make them all the more valued from a technology perspective.

Carlisle has built its C.A.S.E. product offering upon a decades-long commitment to science, research and testing. Through a series of acquisitions of best-in-class technical brands and manufacturing partners, we have established a definitive leadership role within this segment and continue to provide a commitment to industry, and to our customers, through dependability and quality.

Every pour, coating or sealant solution we offer is delivered with a promise of excellence—and our ability to customize formulations to the specifications of particular customer needs is truly a hallmark of our brand. To learn more about the wonders of polymer polyurethane technology, and discover how the C.A.S.E. family of product solutions can help support and grow your business, please visit