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April 2022

Putting High Performance to the Test for Athletes of All Ages

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Did you ever stop to think about what makes high performance outdoor athletic running tracks so satisfying?  They offer just the right measure of support, cushioning, and even “bounce” to supplement sports competition and give participants out on the field a reliable surface space to perform upon—in the moments they need it most.  The same applies for the myriad safety benefits offered by today’s most advanced playgrounds and play equipment spaces designed to keep our children protected, while they enjoy a safe, state-of-the art outdoor play experience with their young peers.

Both technologies—athletic running trucks and play area surfaces—are made possible by cured polyurethane binder applications that deliver just the right blend of adhesion and durability to support those who train and play hard outdoors.  Structure matters when it comes to athletics—and having the right surface upon which to perform is an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of the overall athletic experience.

The world class chemists at Carlisle Polyurethane Systems have perfected the gold standard surface material that Americans—of all ages—who love to run, jump, play, train and win have come to rely upon. TruMotion products are single-component, moisture-cured binders for poured-in-place safety surfaces and outdoor running tracks.  They are available in four distinct chemistries, including two IAAF certified track systems, designed to offer athletes—from pre-school to premium elite performers—the highest quality recreational surfacing on the market.  Additionally, TruMotion is the industry’s most reliable and installation-friendly product for a wide range of applications and installation needs.

Starting “At the Very Beginning”

Although many of us may not remember it, our first exposure to “athletics” starts on the playground.  That’s where budding young sprinters, runners and teammates give it their all—swinging, jumping and leaping from play equipment to the ground surface, and back up again.  And it’s important that these early “sporting” experiences be safe, positive and healthy. This is where TruMotion comes into play.

TruMotion taps a deep heritage in the development of advanced technology using polyurethane binder rubber applications and consists of an array of products designed exclusively for playground surface installation.  These uber safe playground surface solutions are mixed and poured right on-site to produce a highly durable and weather resistant surface, available in a host of vibrant hues and designed to preserve color fastness.  Key performance features include aliphatic binders to ensure bright, non-yellowed surfaces; custom binding formulations to withstand temperature variations and humidity; and the ability to repair and refurbish existing playground surfaces that need a fresh look or renewed performance.  They offer the extra safety to support young adventurers who play hard and require a resilient cushioning when they take unexpected tumbles.

Growing Up within the Industry

Through the years, TruMotion technology has also advanced to meet even more demanding end-user requirements and needs for customized installations.  The same technology team that makes durable, comfortable polyurethane rubber applications for community and school playgrounds also supports high performance outdoor training and competition.  The TruMotion running track line includes one-component moisture cured polyurethane binders; one- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays; aliphatic structural sprays (available for when a UV stable surface is required); and full pour elastomer systems for a variety of uses.  As a product member of the American Sports Builders Association, or “ASBA,” this technology provides the physical foundation that helps enable athletes to compete at their very best.

Just like our pour in place playground surface solutions, our proprietary outdoor running track surfaces offer color-fast reliability and custom design offerings to match the décor of even the most high-end, elite athletic training and competition facilities.

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Bullet Liner™ Announces the Addition of Phoenix Coatings as its Newest North American Distributor

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Carlisle, PA—April 12, 2022—Bullet Liner ( is pleased to announce that Phoenix Protective Coatings, a national leader in protective coatings solutions, has joined its exclusive North American distribution network.  With its reputation for high product quality, excellent customer service, and consistency, Bullet Liner, a global pioneer in the elastomer sealant category, has long attracted entrepreneurs and qualified operators looking to establish independent, fully owned businesses in the highly lucrative spray-on truck bedliner marketplace.

Phoenix Protective Coatings will be an ideal complement to Bullet Liner’s growing distributor network, helping to recruit new qualified dealer-operators.  With its significant expertise in the pure and hybrid polyurea space, Phoenix will help to substantially expand the brand’s domestic footprint.  Specifically, the company, which has multiple locations across the mid and southern U.S., will offer commercial and original equipment (OE) growth opportunities for new dealer entities looking to enter the high-quality chemical protective spray coatings arena—while also helping to provide training for technicians, applicators, and upfitters.

“Bullet Liner, the industry’s ‘Un-Franchised Alternative’, is a true pioneer in the protective elastomer sealant category,” said Steve Lucka, National Sales Manager, Specialty Polyurethanes.  “Potential dealer-operator candidates have long been drawn to Bullet Liner’s role as a heritage player in the market space, working for more than three decades to grow the overall spray-on truck bedliner industry.  We are now pleased to welcome Phoenix Coatings as an integral new part of our operation, working in tandem with Bullet Liner Corporate to help expand our new dealer presence throughout the U.S. and market our premium fourth-generation technology.”

Bullet Liner is presently one of the only players in the market to offer prospective dealers a non-franchised alternative.  Free from the financial constraints of the traditional franchise model, Bullet Liner’s owner-operator formula offers prospects greater Freedom to Perform.  This model offers managerial independence for automotive aftermarket accessory shop operators, auto repair shops, automotive dealerships, and other qualified candidates looking to add to their revenue stream.  Along with a robust warranty, Bullet Liner dealers benefit from a nationally recognized brand name and series of support tools including spray equipment, onsite training and certification, access to a personalized retail website, qualified corporate leads, and integrated branded promotional opportunities to help them grow their business.

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