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Carlisle Polyurethane Systems will be Exhibiting at the NATM Convention & Trade Show

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If you’re part of the light- and medium-duty trailer manufacturing industry, The NATM Convention & Trade Show is a must-attend event for your 2023 trade show calendar.

The NATM Convention & Trade Show provides the trailer industry an opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill set, all while networking with industry leaders and learning about the latest products in the industry. It’s the perfect one-stop shop for trailer manufacturers and dealers to meet with suppliers and service providers as they exhibit on the trade show floor. Looking for a new chain supplier? Interested in checking out new light options? Shopping around for new software to make life easier? If so, plan to attend the upcoming convention and meet directly with suppliers familiar with the industry!

Come experience the best networking opportunity of 2023 and learn about relevant industry topics, including addressing the workforce shortage and best practices for trailer manufacturing. With exhibitors in nearly every trailer supplier category, you are sure to find the solutions and products you need to improve and streamline your operations.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is excited to be exhibiting at the show and looks forward to sharing its’ Intellathane high-performance industrial protective coatings product line with attendees. Tough, abrasion-proof, and impact-resistant, Intellathane protective elastomeric coatings are engineered to resist cracking, flaking, bubbling, or peeling, creating a virtually impenetrable seal that coats surfaces and prevents denigration from repetitive and devastating impacts, weathering, temperature extremes, and harsh chemical environments. For additional information, please visit

We’ll see you at booth 419!

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Putting High Performance to the Test for Athletes of All Ages

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Did you ever stop to think about what makes high performance outdoor athletic running tracks so satisfying?  They offer just the right measure of support, cushioning, and even “bounce” to supplement sports competition and give participants out on the field a reliable surface space to perform upon—in the moments they need it most.  The same applies for the myriad safety benefits offered by today’s most advanced playgrounds and play equipment spaces designed to keep our children protected, while they enjoy a safe, state-of-the art outdoor play experience with their young peers.

Both technologies—athletic running trucks and play area surfaces—are made possible by cured polyurethane binder applications that deliver just the right blend of adhesion and durability to support those who train and play hard outdoors.  Structure matters when it comes to athletics—and having the right surface upon which to perform is an essential, but often overlooked, aspect of the overall athletic experience.

The world class chemists at Carlisle Polyurethane Systems have perfected the gold standard surface material that Americans—of all ages—who love to run, jump, play, train and win have come to rely upon. TruMotion products are single-component, moisture-cured binders for poured-in-place safety surfaces and outdoor running tracks.  They are available in four distinct chemistries, including two IAAF certified track systems, designed to offer athletes—from pre-school to premium elite performers—the highest quality recreational surfacing on the market.  Additionally, TruMotion is the industry’s most reliable and installation-friendly product for a wide range of applications and installation needs.

Starting “At the Very Beginning”

Although many of us may not remember it, our first exposure to “athletics” starts on the playground.  That’s where budding young sprinters, runners and teammates give it their all—swinging, jumping and leaping from play equipment to the ground surface, and back up again.  And it’s important that these early “sporting” experiences be safe, positive and healthy. This is where TruMotion comes into play.

TruMotion taps a deep heritage in the development of advanced technology using polyurethane binder rubber applications and consists of an array of products designed exclusively for playground surface installation.  These uber safe playground surface solutions are mixed and poured right on-site to produce a highly durable and weather resistant surface, available in a host of vibrant hues and designed to preserve color fastness.  Key performance features include aliphatic binders to ensure bright, non-yellowed surfaces; custom binding formulations to withstand temperature variations and humidity; and the ability to repair and refurbish existing playground surfaces that need a fresh look or renewed performance.  They offer the extra safety to support young adventurers who play hard and require a resilient cushioning when they take unexpected tumbles.

Growing Up within the Industry

Through the years, TruMotion technology has also advanced to meet even more demanding end-user requirements and needs for customized installations.  The same technology team that makes durable, comfortable polyurethane rubber applications for community and school playgrounds also supports high performance outdoor training and competition.  The TruMotion running track line includes one-component moisture cured polyurethane binders; one- and two-part polyurethane structural sprays; aliphatic structural sprays (available for when a UV stable surface is required); and full pour elastomer systems for a variety of uses.  As a product member of the American Sports Builders Association, or “ASBA,” this technology provides the physical foundation that helps enable athletes to compete at their very best.

Just like our pour in place playground surface solutions, our proprietary outdoor running track surfaces offer color-fast reliability and custom design offerings to match the décor of even the most high-end, elite athletic training and competition facilities.

For more information on TruMotion and our line of available solutions, please click here.


How the U.S. Infrastructure Plan Will Impact the Polyurethanes Industry

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

As we near the close of the year, most everyone working in the polyurethanes marketplace—and in the many vertical industries the technology serves —will agree that 2021 was a year like no other.  From the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to the subsequent global supply chain crisis, almost all business categories—and certainly those in the manufacturing, construction, automotive and electrical fields—have been either directly or indirectly impacted.  But there is good news as we move into 2022 in the form of robust infrastructure spending ahead that will likely have a trickle-down effect on the polyurethanes space.

Last month marked the passage of phase 1 of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package.  According to business publication Quartz, the $1.2 trillion package, which the President has lauded as a “once in a generation” program, will “rebuild America’s roads, bridges and rails, expand access to clean drinking water, and ensure every American has access to high-speed internet.”  A significant portion of the bill’s financial commitment has been “earmarked to repair roads, highways, and bridges”—giving a hefty boost to construction spending.

While many of the elements in the bill speak to heavy national development projects, polyurethanes certainly can, and will, play a supporting role.  Carlisle Polyurethane Systems manufactures and markets materials such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, binders and elastomers, which all have a hand in various facets of the development and building construction and improvement fields.

While the new infrastructure program will focus heavily on the transportation sector—erecting new bridges and highways, resurfacing roads, completing supporting structures, and other ancillary programs such as broadband development —the plan includes a “wide range of physical infrastructure projects” and, according to the New York Times, plans for “electric grid and housing, efforts to jump-start advanced manufacturing, and (projects for) other industries.”  For example, the program includes $42 billion for ports and airports, and another $85 billion for transportation, that will likely include development of bus stations, terminals and other facilities that will rely on polyurethane innovation and supporting technology in their interiors.

Additionally, the White House—in implementing the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA)—aims to enact a plan that “creates good jobs, boosts U.S. global competitiveness, strengthens supply chains and acts against inflation.” (Source: For Construction Pros).  The development industry is hopeful that, once the groundwork is laid for the program to come into fruition, it will help to further address the stagnation of raw materials availability and distribution and kickstart growth within the entire building category—ultimately, helping to stimulate overall construction starts.

It’s important though to note that, according to For Construction Pros, what “the IIJA represents is not a stimulus bill designed to give an immediate boost to the economy,” but rather a package “designed as a longer-term approach to rebuilding American competitiveness through infrastructure.”  Experts counsel that it will take time and significant effort to properly prepare the nation and various supporting industries for the work to be done—so patience will be required across the manufacturing sector.  But the opportunity for a host of vertical industries to be positively impacted by the bill’s passage looks to be promising.

How does Carlisle Polyurethane Systems figure into this equation?

For most every spray, pour, and cast application customers might require, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems, part of the Carlisle Companies family, brings advanced problem-solving solutions to ensure that our materials match our customer’s specific application needs.  As the leading independent polyurethane systems house in North America, our company is dedicated to delivering innovative polyurethane technology and solutions to our network with the speed, scale, and efficiency necessary to meet the demands of a rapidly growing marketplace.  Our brand’s dedication to delivering customized solutions to disciplinary industries is what truly sets Carlisle Polyurethane Systems apart from nearly every other polyurethane chemistry space player.  And, now with years of national infrastructure development ahead of us, we will rise to the occasion to support various industries—such as construction, flooring, landscaping, filtration, electronics and other industrial fields—as the Administration’s many anticipated projects take center stage beginning in the New Year.

For more information on polyurethane materials—such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and rigid casting—and the role this technology plays in supporting a variety of industrial and commercial industries, please visit


Everything Old Is New Again

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Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the U.S. consumer marketplace another curveball.  Thanks to a widespread semiconductor shortage and “exponential increase” in demand for microchips, which are in short supply, new cars and trucks may be harder to come by in America and other parts of the globe.  This may come as tough news for many to accept just as throngs of consumers across the nation are anxious, following so many months of pandemic restrictions and limited shopping options, to possibly purchase a brand-new vehicle this year.  But the current microchip crisis may take things in a different direction.

Since the automotive industry in the U.S. isn’t the only sector impeded by the semiconductor and microchip shortage, it makes the situation all the more complicated, as the new vehicle market is effectively “competing” with other industries for supply availability.  It does appear, however, that the automotive sector has been disproportionately impacted.  According to Car and Driver magazine, recent studies show that “U.S. car makers are bearing the brunt of the chip shortage.”  A report for AutoForecast Solutions near the beginning of summer also noted that “more than 25 different car models have lost at least 10,000 units of North American production to the parts shortages so far this year.”

This dynamic has been made even more complex because many global automakers down shifted production in 2020 during the initial Covid-19 pandemic wave.  (This being a direct result of the many worldwide “stay at home” lockdowns, as well as anticipation of less-than-zealous buyers visiting new car showrooms.)  And now—as restrictions in many parts of the U.S. have eased (despite the recent Delta variant surge) and consumers have a greater overall comfort in possibly making larger retail purchase—supply chain issues have forced the automotive and new car industry into another “wait and see” holding pattern.

This has been tough news economically for the automotive dealer-retailer segment and for car consumers.  The Washington Post stated last month that “17 auto factories in North America and Europe have halted or reduced production in recent weeks over the scarcity of the tiny components”…and “shutdowns have affected plants in Michigan, Kentucky and Kansas” (in addition to other global top manufacturing sites).  But there may be alternative solutions for consumers.  While cars are in short supply, auto and truck enthusiasts can instead turn to getting the most mileage out of their existing vehicle (sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks, vans and RVs)—and find fresh, creative ways to make something old “new” once again.

Surprisingly, that well-used car or truck sitting in the garage is suddenly making a hot comeback like never before. 

And there is no technology more poised to help step in and offer customers an affordable facelift for their vehicles than Bullet Liner.  Our premier elastomer spray-on protective coating is exactly what aging cars and pick-ups need to extend their vehicle’s lifecycle and rejuvenate both value and overall functionality.  For the past three decades, Bullet Liner has pioneered the protective spray-on protective sealant category, offering high quality coating that provides a “high caliber shield” against road debris and abrasion, dents and dings, extreme weathering and sun damage.  Bullet Liner’s heavy duty, tensile strength coating can help keep car, truck and off-the-road vehicle exteriors—and even interiors—looking sharper and lasting longer.

In terms of sun exposure alone, Bullet Liner prevents premature fading, cracking and peeling, especially when vehicles stored in climate-extreme outdoor areas spend hours baking in the heat without covering.  Bullet Liner also offers color protection from UV sunlight and won’t bubble or flake, even after months of use.  When the climate pendulum swings just as strongly in the other direction, Bullet Liner protection doesn’t miss a beat.  It still will still not peel or fade.  What’s more, Bullet Liner’s water-tight seal keeps rust and corrosion-causing moisture and ice from damaging your ride.

In fact, our spray-on coating is not only color safe, but it’s also bleed-safe.  Our technology solutions have been subjected time and time again to extensive testing (both in rigorous laboratory conditions and in the field) to ensure that—even in varying weather degrees such as cold, heat and humidity—Bullet Liner formulations remain resilient and perform well on a multitude of vehicle surfaces.

Additionally, our spray on coating is available in an array of colors and can be custom matched to existing exterior paint jobs.  And for this reason, our elastomer sealant is more than simply a protective agent—it also offers an affordable trusted way to add to new color and style to an older, aging vehicle.  In addition to delivering an ideal solution for exterior vehicle surfaces such as wheel wells, fenders, bumpers and truck beds, Bullet Liner sealant also provides a viable means of refreshing car and truck interiors as well.  Our formulations can easily be applied to vehicle floors, certain types of seats, steering wheels, dashboards, various interior surfaces, glove compartments, and more.

Bullet Liner is a durable, consistent sealant that can cover damaged or blemished areas of car and trucks to offer a fresh new look, even while the vehicles themselves may not be brand new.  The simple addition of our spray-on sealant can add years to an existing purchase for the enjoyment of both passengers and drivers.  Qualified spray shops across America receive specialized training to apply Bullet Liner sealant for professional “off the showroom” stylings that can often rival new car aesthetics.

To learn more about how Bullet Liner technology can offer an alternative solution to a new vehicle purchase this year as pandemic related supply chain issues persist, or to learn more about how your automotive aftermarket business can assist car and truck consumers during this time, please visit

Prepping Your Boat for Spring 2021

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In many parts of the U.S., it’s been a cold winter.  If you happen to be a boat owner—depending on what part of the country you reside in—while you’ve been hunkered down and trying to stay warm, your prized marine vessel has likely been covered up and waiting out the season in dry dock.  But as we near the spring months, temperatures will quickly start to warm—and the cooler weather will begin to wane.  If you’re a mariner, then you know it’s time to start looking toward the day you’ll launch your boat and hit the open water.  The close of the winter season is a great time to prepare for the upcoming recreational boating season.


Anyone who is a serious aficionado of the boating lifestyle knows that it is most definitely not an inexpensive pastime.  Whether you own a dinghy, motorboat, sailboat, or a luxury yacht, the constant upkeep required—and never-ending money you’ll need to siphon into your passion—is no small commitment.  From readying key equipment for seasonal use to ensuring that your boat exterior remains in top condition, you’ll need to dedicate time and resources to protect your investment.


Aside from technical maintenance and a concern for the obvious operational safety issues, probably the number one task at hand heading into boating season is to make sure your vessel is cleaned and looking sharp.  Unless your entire boat deck has been covered throughout the winter months (which is unlikely for anything larger than a fairly small vessel), the days spent weathering the climate and baking in the sun (despite the chilly temperatures) can do a number on your paint job and external trimmings.  This is where Bullet Liner’s premium protective sealant can really assist.


Bullet Liner is the industry’s leading elastomer coating.  The technology, which literally led and pioneered the spray-on sealant marketplace with the creation of its polyurea coating over 30 years ago, offers a durable and affordable way to guard against outer surface damage to your boat.  Bullet Liner offers an all-in-one solution that, when properly applied, delivers a high-caliber, heavy-duty tensile strength shield for a variety of exposed and weather-prone exteriors.

Bullet Liner was first developed as a “bed liner” technology for pick-up trucks—to provide a scratch-resistant coating to protect against road debris, dents, dings, and cargo movement.  The industry grew from that initial application to include a Bullet Liner premium sealant available for use across North America on a variety of surfaces.  For the car and truck space, Bullet Liner can be applied to any exterior area vulnerable to denigration—including wheel wells, bumpers, running boards, spare tire covers, vehicle hoods, trunks, and more.  Our protective coating can also be applied inside vehicles to protect floors, seating areas, dashboards, glove compartments, and even steering wheels.  The technology is particularly useful for off-road vehicles (ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, motorbikes, and more), where flying mud and rocks can quickly damage a variety of vehicle surfaces—affecting both operations and the physical appearance of your most prized recreational investments.

The same applies for boat exteriors—Bullet Liner provides a protective coating designed to keep your boat looking polished and free from scuffs and dents, to protect against damage from dropped or moved objects and equipment on the boat’s deck, or prevent abrasion from dock contact.  Additionally, Bullet Liner provides a “no-slip grip” surface coating that makes deck areas measurably safer.  One of the greatest concerns on the open water is that a slippery deck can prompt unsecured items to quickly slide, causing potential loss of inventory or, most importantly, injury to passengers.  If you have family members, children, pets or other boating novices aboard, the incidence for bodily harm increases dramatically with a wet, unstable deck—and Bullet Liner adds one additional measure of protection.

Another critical role that elastomer protective coating can play is in keeping your boat’s bright colors looking brilliant—despite the obvious beating they take from the elements.  Any nautical pro knows that Mother Nature is a formidable foe when it comes to recreational boating.  Even the most pristine paint job is only as good as its ability to withstand the harshest weathering.  Bullet Liner offers excellent UV protection to keep color integrity, and provide a safeguard against rust, moisture/dampness, sunlight, wind and more.  We can color match every palette shade for a customized finish.  If your boat is your pride and joy, make sure that it looks top notch—both while in use on the open water, and in dock.

In addition to offering reliable surface protection—that won’t peel, fade, chip or bubble—for traditional boats, Bullet Liner also can protect your investment in a variety of other marine-related equipment that can take the same beating on the water.  Whether you’re into surfing, paddleboarding, Jet Skiing, water skiing, or other ocean, lake or river-related recreational past times, the same technology solutions are available to keep your investments—and their potential resale value—strong.

Even if you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) and love the thrill of undertaking your own boat renovation, Bullet Liner can complement your independent deck redo project and integrate with your color scheme selection and existing project to spruce up your new or existing purchase—from bow to stern.  Our spray teams utilize top of the market Graco equipment to deliver an affordable, end-to-end coating solution that will enhance both the appearance and functionally of your boat.

For more marine vessel renovation options and to learn more about Bullet Liner solutions for the boating industry, please visit


Carlisle Technology at Work to Make Parks and Playgrounds Safer

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Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is a leader in athletic and playground surface materials. Our Tru-Motion™ product line utilizes polyurethane binder and EPDM rubber to make playground and outdoor public exercise areas safer and more resilient for children, athletes and the general community. Carlisle technology combines binder and rubber products to maximize performance and cushion.

Our Tru-Motion products provide an eco-friendly, highly durable, visually appealing ground surface that covers the entire span of the playground’s flooring. This “pour in place” technology delivers an aesthetic, long-lasting “Safer Surface” for the children or individuals who are using the state-of-the-art playground or recreation equipment.

Over the past five years, this technology has been deployed in marquee areas of our national community. One such high profile installation includes a project created by Carlisle’s Accella Performance Materials—a company that Carlisle purchased in 2017—for the National Park and Recreation Association (NPRA) and their Trojan Park Playground development, located in Wellston, MO in concert with the Great Rivers Greenway. The Trojan Park location was formerly a vacant lot that underwent a complete transformation into a state-of-the-art playground, using an all pour-in-place safety binder.

This spotlight location and case study was particularly unique as the NRPA decided to take on a new challenge of creating a park completely “from scratch” for the first time. The location was chosen as a prime spot to create a revitalized gathering place for youth, families, and adults.

Another spotlight location for Carlisle Tru-Motion technology was a pour-in-play installation for the open-air USS Arizona Memorial Mall at the University of Arizona—as part of a full-scale deck outline of the iconic U.S. battleship that was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 (which resulted in the tragic loss of 1,177 sailors and marines killed aboard ship during the attack). The USS Arizona Memorial Mall honors these fallen heroes, and calls upon future generations to reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

The Memorial Mall is a citizen-funded open-space shaped to replicate the ship’s 97-foot width and 597-foot length. It ceremonially features 1,177 brass medallions – spaced one foot apart, and each inscribed with the name, home state, rank or rating, and ship’s duties for each sailor or Marine lost on December 7th. Pour in place technology created an ideal floor surfacing for the entire project. Recycled EPDM rubber granules – colorized to match the University of Arizona’s cardinal “Brick Red” signature hue – create a visually appealing poured-in-place matting, featured across the Memorial Mall’s primary foot traffic area.

More recently, Carlisle Tru-Motion technology has been tapped for a pour-in-place installation for the upcoming Travis Mills Foundation health center development. The Travis Mills Foundation supports recalibrated veterans and their families through long-term programs that help heroic men and women to overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation. The Foundation’s new Health and Wellness Center, now scheduled to break ground in fall 2021 (due to COVID-19 restrictions), will feature Carlisle’s pour-in-place technology as part of its outdoor recreational areas.

Tru-Motion pour-in-place playground and recreational space applications are just some of the many ways that Carlisle enhances business areas and residential spaces through polyurethane solutions designed to offer improved comfort, safety, sustainability, and performance.

For more information about how these formulations can expand the impact of your business or outdoor development project, please visit

Protecting Valuable Physical Assets during Seasonal Weather Changes

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Cold weather has already arrived in many parts of the U.S. and North America—and the heavier winter months are just around the corner. As the cool air descends upon us, now is an ideal time to take stock of your most important physical assets—and especially your vehicles—and check to see how prepared they are to handle the inclement weather. Wind, sleet, rain and even snow—with non-stop days of continued wetter climate—can take a toll on vehicle and pick-up truck exteriors, fenders, wheel wells, bumpers rocker panels and more. Whether you operate your vehicle for recreational use, run a sole proprietor transportation business, drive a tractor for a privately owned farm, or own a series of commercial vehicles, your investment—and even your livelihood—can depend on making sound decisions when it comes to safeguarding your essential equipment during the colder months.

Did you know? Vehicles, trucks and other equipment can age prematurely from repeated poor weather exposure. The same is true and applies to ANY seasonal changes. Above average hot weather temperatures come summertime are no exception. The damage to valuable equipment from literally “baking” in extreme heat over long periods of time can be deleterious to traditional exterior paint jobs and cause metal surfaces and flatbeds to literally degrade, if not properly prepared. But the harsh winter elements can be particularly hard on equipment surfaces of all types. Ideally, equipment should be stored in indoor garages or storage facilities or under covered awnings throughout the winter season. This is especially true in regions of the northern U.S. that experience less forgiving cold weather temperatures.

But during the winter season, and year-round, Bullet Liner technology can serve as an invaluable “companion” for pick-up truck, car, vehicle and fleet operators looking to protect their investment. Bullet Liner offers the industry’s most trusted “high caliber” protective spray on coating. Our elastomer sealant is durable and scratch and scuff-resistant to keep surface exteriors in top shape all through the cold season. Additional benefits include:

• Bullet Liner offers UV and color protection to keep surface colors bright and vibrant despite temperature extremes.
• Our heavy-duty, tensile strength coating is impervious to dings from mud, rocks, ice and other flying debris that can result from more treacherous winter road conditions.
• Bullet Liner’s premium elastomer protection doesn’t peel, bubble or crack—even in heavy rain or other formidable types of climate (including alternate hot temperature extremes, depending on your locale).
• Extra protection of your assets equals higher value and ROI on your equipment (better preserving their longevity and generating stronger resale value if you choose to liquidate).
Especially if your pick-up truck, car or cargo van IS your brand, you’ll want to keep it in top physical shape this winter—not just to ensure operability, but to maintain an appearance that will still be sharp and polished come spring season for your customer prospects.

Also, for general safety and smoother operability this winter, don’t forget to remove batteries from dormant equipment; lower/detach machinery parts (hydraulic cylinders, hoses, guards, etc.) from heavy equipment that will be “sitting” outside; and begin winter preparations long before the most brutal weather truly sets in. A few advance precautions can keep valuable equity in your pocket all winter long. Whether you operate a cargo van or utility truck, or run a vehicle fleet—or even if you oversee a large stock of commercial equipment that remains exposed year-round—it’s time to take stock in your preparedness to protect your valuable equipment.

To learn more about weatherizing your work-related inventory and your personal assets with Bullet Liner premium elastomer coating technology, please check out more information and tips at

Making the Case for C.A.S.E.—Carlisle’s Advanced Polyurethane Formulations

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Polyurethane. It’s all around us. In the products we use. In the athletic surfaces we run and play on. It’s in the landscaping features and accouterments that grace our homes, and in the electronic installations that wire—and literally keep the lights on—in these same residential structures. It’s in the filtration systems that keep our air and water purified—and in the sealants, adhesives and sprays that protect and coat the many assets essential to businesses across America.

We need and rely upon polyurethanes to literally give shape to our residential and economic infrastructure—enabling vital physical materials to function properly and maintain their value as intended.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is the gold standard within what’s commonly known in our industry as the C.A.S.E. segment. Our Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers business comprises the foundation of what today makes Carlisle the leading polyurethane systems house in North America. And as a premier resource for the entire North American market, we are continually dedicated to advancing polymer/polyurethane-based technology—through constant product improvement and consultation with our customers—to meet the evolving demands of our marketplace. Carlisle takes pride in delivering the most reliable C.A.S.E. solutions available—designed to meet our constituents’ needs for speed and scale with every product that comes off our factory line.

What comprises our C.A.S.E. offering and how does it fulfill unique polyurethane solution needs across multiple vertical sectors? Here are just a few of the many applications for our coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer technologies. Our core offerings include:

Coatings are an essential, turnkey element of our C.A.S.E. offering. Carlisle manufactures and markets a range of polyurethane coatings, including two-component abrasion and chemical resistant spray coatings, one-component athletic surfacing products, light stable aliphatic polyurethanes, and water-based specialty finishes.

Our moisture-cured urethane binders are heavily utilized for indoor pad and pour applications, as well as in outdoor running tracks and for playground safety surfaces. Carlisle adhesives are specifically engineered to provide a wide range of characteristics, including chemical- resistant types and light stable aliphatic polyurethanes.

Carlisle delivers two-component systems that are engineered to achieve optimal flow in the liquid stage, with maximum adhesion when cured. Our chemists design products with chemical resistance, hydrolytic stability, and flame retardant properties for use in a variety of construction, electrical and automotive applications.

Polyurethane elastomers are two-part polyurethanes used to manufacture a variety of products. They are available in a wide range of physical and chemical characteristics, ranging in hardness. Carlisle’s Bullet Liner™ brand specifically markets premium polyurea elastomer technology for the automotive/truck and industrial equipment sectors. Our high-tensile strength spray-on coating provides a protective shield that can be used on everything from automotive exteriors, pick-up truck beds, wheel wells, fenders, bumpers and more to mitigate damage and abrasion from dings, dents, scratches, and sun and extreme weather damage.

Additional related product applications and field uses include:

Filters and Purification
Filters help purify air, water, and other essential materials such as oil and fuel. Carlisle works with the largest filter manufacturers in the world to advance the quality and performance of their filtration products such as air, oil, HEPA, water, pool and automotive filters.

Construction Space
Polyurethanes, in general, are vital to the building and construction category. Typical applications include decorative concrete patios, walkways, and retaining walls that are created with concrete molds made from our polyurethane elastomers.

Polyurethane sealants, elastomers, and potting compounds are often used to support myriad electronic and industrial applications. Carlisle products combine outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance with strong adhesion to many substrates.

Transportation Industry
Polyurethane spray-on coatings create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, corrosion and the effects of rust. Our permanent watertight seal bonds and conforms to every contour of materials essential in the transportation space—and we offer a series of custom formulated solutions to coat and protect a host of automotive related products.

Landscaping Provisions
For residential and commercial landscaping, many outdoor designs rely on polyurethanes extensively to create high-quality faux rocks and other architectural features that offer waterproofed decorative appeal. Carlisle formulations are lightweight for easy installation, but also offer heavy-duty protection against weathering, rainfall and moisture build-up to extend the life and preserve the appearance of outdoor design products.

* * * * * *

The many applications for C.A.S.E. technology in the world around us, and within our lives, are almost unfathomable. These substances are literally interwoven in the many supplies, materials and creature comforts that we enjoy daily—and that enable our businesses to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. The fact that these polyurethanes are ubiquitous, yet often invisible, make them all the more valued from a technology perspective.

Carlisle has built its C.A.S.E. product offering upon a decades-long commitment to science, research and testing. Through a series of acquisitions of best-in-class technical brands and manufacturing partners, we have established a definitive leadership role within this segment and continue to provide a commitment to industry, and to our customers, through dependability and quality.

Every pour, coating or sealant solution we offer is delivered with a promise of excellence—and our ability to customize formulations to the specifications of particular customer needs is truly a hallmark of our brand. To learn more about the wonders of polymer polyurethane technology, and discover how the C.A.S.E. family of product solutions can help support and grow your business, please visit

The Science Behind Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

150 150 Carlisle Polyurethane Systems

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is now the largest polyurethane systems house in North America.  We’re proud of our heritage and the evolutionary path that our technology and innovation has followed—spanning the course of many decades and culminating earlier this year with our new name and rebranding as a world-class polymer solution within the global Carlisle Companies family.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems employs some of the best minds in chemistry and chemical engineering. We offer more than 250 combined years of experience developing custom chemical compounds and formulations for a diverse group of customers, products, and markets.  Our state-of-the-art facilities deliver product manufacturing, distribution and customer service with the Speed and Scale that our rapidly evolving world needs to grow and keep pace.  Our world-class chemists work out of advanced, state-of-the-art laboratories to deliver rapid on-site customer support and analysis. This technology allows our specialists to more effectively evaluate our clients’ material needs and requirements to offer customizable, turnkey product solutions. 

Every Carlisle Polyurethane Systems product is backed by extensive efforts in research, engineering, technology development, and testing to assure high performance for you—our valued customer.

Where did it all begin?  Let’s take a look at the science behind the Carlisle Polyurethane Systems story…

From day one, a commitment to innovative science has guided our product development.  We truly believe that polyurethane has the ability to “give shape” to our ever changing world—literally providing the physical substance needed to help developers build, designers create, and operators more effectively manage – with the efficiencies and production scale required to support our growing global economy.

In 2017, Carlisle Construction Materials, a division of Carlisle Companies, purchased Accella Performance Materials, which was, at the time, the top independent polyurethane technology and solutions house in the North American region.  Accella chemistry spanned a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer product offerings.  But the brand’s primary technology focus was on innovative, high-performance polyurethane systems.  These included specialty coatings, adhesives, binders, flexible and rigid foams, elastomers, and casting resins.  (Additional product lines included spray polyurethane foam insulation, roofing and protective coatings, recycled rubber products as well as industry-leading polyurethane tire fill for commercial and industrial vehicles.)

Today, Carlisle Polyurethane Systems delivers premium C.A.S.E. (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers) to the industry.  We are proud to serve a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, spanning multiple business disciplines.  A unique combination of service, the premium Carlisle Experience customers have come to expect, technical support, and customized solutions differentiates Carlisle Polyurethane Systems.

As the most prominent polyurethane products provider supporting the U.S., Canada and Mexico, we have worked hard to establish a gold standard within the C.A.S.E. category.  Whenever polyurethanes are involved, Carlisle offers a wealth of technical and practical application, materials sourcing and product handling experience, along with extensive safety and environmental compliance testing. Our team credentials are rooted in a long heritage of “green manufacturing,” distribution and customer service—and it’s part of our ongoing commitment to our industry to uphold these principles. Carlisle R&D and science truly touches every link of our supply chain.  We are proud to be able to play a role in our industry as a true technology innovator, focused on finding new and better ways that our polyurethane products can help businesses to grow and communities to thrive.

We hope you’ll take the time to discover the wonders of polyurethane and our many C.A.S.E. applications.

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What It Means to “Be Green” in Today’s Chemical Manufacturing Space

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The science guiding our industry sector—like any evolving platform at the intersection of innovation and practical product application—is constantly evolving.  New technology is systematically being developed.  More relevant protocols are regularly being implemented and adapted.  And, an increasingly fast paced marketplace is creating new expectations for businesses and customers alike.

At the center of this evolution is the growing importance of environmental conservatism for companies working across industry lines, but especially for those operating within the chemical products space.  Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is one such business.  As our planet changes, so do the demands on organizations like ours that conduct business within a sector that has the opportunity to create a real and measurable impact on the future of our shared global community for years to come.  These demands require us—as practitioners and leaders—to view the issues through an unobstructed lens.  The decisions industrial corporations make can and do have an indelible effect that will directly decide what kind of planet our children inherit.  Responsible sustainable practices have never been more essential—and chemical brands are front line players.

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems, like many of our industry counterparts, is continually rewriting the playbook when it comes to the fundamental charge of green production and environmental compliance. Chemical brands of the 19th and early 20th centuries, which operated in the wake of the industrial revolution, were the anti-thesis of today’s eco-focused leadership.  More than 150 years ago, when chemical product production became commercialized, profit was king and manufacturing practices took center stage over environmental protection.  Today, the complete opposite is true, as conscientious manufacturers strive to observe a 360-degree environmental compass, looking to nurture “people” and “planet” along with bottom line profits.

For our Coatings, Elastomers, Adhesives and Sealants (CASE) products, these platitudes are the foundation for operating practices implemented across every aspect of our brand.  We work daily with our employees, strategic partners, and customers to establish new gold standard practices that define expectations for sustainable stewardship in the 21st century.

This effort involves execution that is coupled with sound materials procurement and handling protocols at every level of our supply chain.  Being an eco-minded brand affects the way that we manufacture (from identifying raw materials to the operations of our factories), as well as the way our customer relationships and expectations are managed.  And the care we take in replenishing precious resources must always be an integral part of the entire product development cycle.

Our CASE products division, built out under the former Accella Polyurethane Systems brand (which was purchased by Carlisle in 2017), was developed through a series of strategic acquisitions and the integration of more than 20 best-in-class specialty polymer technology and recycled rubber brands. Today, we are a polyurethane systems house that embraces a spectrum of offerings in the polyurethane and protective coatings space.  It is our mission to deliver customizable client solutions with speed and scale across disciplines—while all at the same time, consciously working to support carbon footprint reduction.  It is imperative that we maintain the balance between effectively servicing and exceeding our customer supply and demand, while also maintaining a conservation ethos.

So, what does exactly it mean to be a contemporary “green brand” in today’s chemicals production arena?  These aren’t just catchwords or trendy branding slogans—they are a set of values that inspire and direct innovation across all product lines of Carlisle Polyurethane Systems.  Our company has been long committed to producing alternative, eco-friendly polyurethane-based products used in the automotive industry, in home building and design, and across myriad industrial applications from storage tank lining, to protective coatings, to waterproofing.  Carlisle utilizes state-of-the art formulations that include sustainable raw materials to help make more eco-friendly products.

Here are key project areas where this approach has been put into action:

Recyclable Materials & Use of Renewable Resources

Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is committed to utilizing recycled materials across our production chain whenever possible, as well as recycling post-production.  A portion of the oils used in development of our polyurethane foam material is made from the byproducts of previous material production.  Our Polyurethane division additionally recycles our polymer and polyurethane product totes and drums to effectively lower carbon footprint.

Our Resinate® product line has utilized recycled/renewable materials for high performance applications in coatings, adhesives and foams.  Resinate® EP1000-5.6 is a polyester polyol based on rPET and other recycled components resulting in 66% recycled content (this product has utility in coatings and urethane applications).  Similarly, our Resinate® C2051-50 is a modified polyol for the coatings marketplace and it contains 50% renewable content and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product.  In addition to the majority of our Polyols being based on recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), in certain cases, these products are further augmented with other recycled or renewable raw materials for enhanced “green content.”

Carlisle’s filter end cap formuals and our signature Bullet Liner™ protective spray coating (used to protect truck beds and automotive and equipment surfaces, as well as boats, cargo vans, utility vehicles, storage tanks and more) both use renewable materials and sources across the production line.

Carlisle has also improved its adhesive binder technology.  Our new products deliver better physical properties, requiring less pounds per carpet or rubber pad.  Additionally, our Recreational Surfacing products use water-based technology to reduce solvent VOC emissions.

Lighter-weight Materials

By using lighter-weight materials along our supply chain, we require, utilize and transport less bulk product.  For example: Our drums, pallets, banding and stretch-wrap all use a lower material volume. We utilize totes and tankers versus heavier weight drums.  These items, in volume, are considerably lighter to transport over the road, requiring less fuel consumption.  In turn, Carlisle’s product modifications take weight and cost out of our customers’ applications—notably in the area of elastomer materials production in particular:


Carlisle Polyurethane Systems’ production is managed through a series of factory-plant locations.  In plants such as our Chattanooga, TN, we have instituted plant lighting upgrades.  Our new LED, low consumption lighting technology lowers harmful emissions and conserves energy with automated on/off motion detection capabilities.

 Transportation Efficiencies

As a large corporation with bulk production, the way that we receive our incoming raw materials and also distribute our outgoing completed products for market delivery positively impacts our sustainable contribution.  Carlisle Polyurethane Systems is pleased to receive a portion of our resource materials via railcar transport, which reduces our brand’s overall carbon footprint.  In terms of our truck transportation capabilities, our new fleet of forklifts is outfitted with better propane utilization and greater battery efficiency.

In the production of CASE products, we pride ourselves on being a modern chemicals brand – adhering to a business approach characterized by innovation, embedded in science and R&D disciplines, and deeply committed to principles of social responsibility.  It is this ethos that gives us a uniquely fresh position within a decades old industry segment.  We are constantly looking for new ways to move the needle toward a more green and sustainable future that can be a guide for how to carefully produce the materials that our world community—both business and consumers—need to function on a daily basis, while safeguarding the eco-system that is vital to our collective survival.

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